Remoto was founded in 1986 in the North region of Portugal, as a manufacturer
and import agent.

After 1992 the company focused exclusively in the industrial area, through the
production of its main article, the Level Regulator – RNC 1002, for sewage level

The environmental concerns, in the year of 2000, brought improvements in the
product with the introduction of mechanical components in its operation. This
change was marked by using green color in the product.

Currently Remoto is level regulator manufacturing market leader in the Iberic
peninsula, fulfilling all the requirements for its Certified Quality System, and
developing national and international partnerships.

  1. Regulator RNC 1002
  2. Description
  3. Application
  4. Certifications

This Level Control is
designed to solve all level
waste water situations,
in a safe and economical way.


The Level Regulator – RNC 1002, made in Portugal, is a Certified product for level control in sewage, drainage, and pumping stations in general.
Main Features
Max. Voltage
250Vac / 50Hz

Nominal Current
10(3) A

Max working pressure (+20ºC)
4 bar (400kPa)

Mín. 0ºC | Máx. +60ºC

Specific weight (liquids)
0,95 - 1,10 g/cm3

IP 68
Casing: Polypropylene
Counter weight (2 parts): Zamac
Cable: H05VV-F 3 x 1mm2

Standard available cable lengths
5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 meters
(others upon request)

Weight and dimensions
Casing lenght: 160mm
DMax. Casing diameter : 100mm

Aprox. Weight (with 6 m cable)
1,3 Kg
Functions for Emptying and filling
Functions for Emptying and filling
Connections for septic tank emptying
When the grey wire (1) and the black wire (2) are connected
Connections for septic tank filling
When the grey wire (1) and the brown wire (3) are connected
Emptying functions
Emptying fuctions
Connections for septic tank emptying
When the grey wire and the black wire are connected
Certificate no. ICM – 001/2019
Automatic electrical water level operating control of the float type for household and similar applications. Level Regulator.

Type references
RNC 1002


This product is in conformity with

Test report(s) no. / issued by
E-2018-1017-02/IEP, 2018060300P1-A2/LCOE

This certificate is valid until

Date of issue

Ecologic Product

Environmental Friendly
Free from toxic materials

High working pressure: 4 bar

Reliable performance even under adverse conditions

Easy Installation & Reliable Operation

Simple and safe
Low maintenance

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“The level regulators RNC1002 have a excellent relation between quality/price, and are clearly the best option for a good and reliable operation in this type of installations”

João Lourenço
Economist – Regacentro Sales Director


“Remoto level regulators are, since many years, our favourites for many reasons: reliability, easy operation, quality/price relation.
In pumping stations, a failure in the level regulation can cause malfunctions in the pumps and/or floods with severe consequences, that is why, when it comes to take a decision for quality, we don’t hesitate!”

Luísa Valente
Environmental Engineering – Ambigeo Partner

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